They're both equal in what they do in helping the body to repair itself and provide the essential nutrients to the body. However, the Moringa seed capsules are higher in fiber than the moringa leaf capsules. Yet they both have fiber in them.

I normally tell people to start with the powder if they don't mind the taste. The powder is more potent because it goes directly into your bloodstream and system. Whereas the capsules have to break up once it gets into your system. The capsules however are vegan capsules.

Either one is fine but the powder is the most potent and works quicker for most people.

A. All of the Moringa products can help with blood pressure and diabetes, because Moringa is an Adaptogen, which means that it helps to bring your body back into balance and causes your body to repair itself.

I heard of some companies telling people they will need to take 3 or 5 teaspoons a day of their product. But not with our Moringa, you will only need to simply take 1 teaspoon of our Moringa a day. And when you measure it off it does not have to be high like a mountain, just simply level it off and put it in water.

With our Moringa you will simply take 3 capsules a day. You can take all 3 at once or you can take 2 in the morning and 1 in the evening. Whatever fits best for you, just make sure to consume 3 a day.

Moringa is actually a food, it falls in the vegetable category, just like kale, spinach, broccoli, collard greens, and other greens. If your greens don't interfere with your medicine then neither will Moringa.

Generally, you will notice results within the first 48-96 hours, mainly some detoxification, you may notice also that some parasites may be removed from your body.
You will also notice natural energy and Moringa beginning to put in your body all the nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis.

As with all things, it is always best to contact your physician when you're pregnant.

Moringa can be mixed first and foremost in Water, about an 8-10 oz bottle of water. However, you can also mix it in a good healthy juice, or in a smoothie, in a healthy yogurt, in applesauce, or even in oatmeal.

You can take Moringa with Sea Moss and many people do. However, Moringa is the more potent of the two and if these two were Superfriends, then Moringa would be Superman and Sea Moss would be Aquaman. But you will be getting the best of both worlds.

This Olive Oil is the most potent in the world. It is noted that 1 spoon of our Olive Oil is equal to 30 spoons of regular Olive Oil that you will purchase at the store. It comes from Morocco Africa.

The Miracle Moringa Pain Relief Oil is a topical oil that you simply spray and rub on. It is excellent for all your aches and pains, It will remove the inflammation, increase the circulation, and relax the muscles, it really works. You can start off by using the spray twice a day for the first week, and afterwards as often as you need it.

With the Moringa seeds, you simply crack open the shell and chew it and drink some water with it. You can only eat a maximum of 3 seeds a day.

We ship product all over the world. If you're out of the country you will just need to pay for international shipping which generally runs around $30.

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