Dexter & Petula Jones

Dexter & Petula Jones are Christians committed to their Lord and Savior   Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has first place in their life and second place is their love and commitment to each other. God has given them a mandate and mission to help others in the area of health and healing. Their foundation scripture is 3 John 2 which states, "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth." Their desire is to see mankind walking and living a healthy life by using God's natural herbs of the field. 

For to long mankind has gotten away from God's natural remedies and have succumb to trusting their health to the pharmaceutical industry. An industry that does not focus on God's Natural Herbs. An industry that does not realize that God has created the body to repair itself, when it has what it needs to make those repairs. The Jones' want to share with you TRUTH and REVELATION knowledge that can bring about a change in your health life. 

They work together in great harmony always seeking out how they can help others in the area of health and wellness. Dexter is often referred to as, "Your Teacher and Spiritual Doctor of Health and Healing." He teaches you how to have great health from the inside out. While Mrs. Jones teaches you how to have perfect skincare and haircare.  Together, they're a team bringing to you the truth of how you can be a new you today, the Moringa Way.


Dexter L. Jones, known better as "Your Spiritual Doctor of Health and Healing" is a Minister of the Gospel. He has written several books on many subjects, from finances to relationships. At this point in his life God has orchestrated his destiny to teach his people..."Health and Healing." Dr. Jones is on a mission to bring truth to our society about the benefits of returning to God's original plan for man, which is God's Natural Herbs. 
Dr. Jones was led by God to come into contact with the greatest of herbs, which is Moringa Oleifera. This one herb, plant, tree has changed the course of his life and has impacted the lives of so many others. God told him 6 months before he ever heard of Moringa that he was going to bring something into his hands that would enable him to work full-time just doing this. Well, he did not know that it would be Moringa, but this was the product that God introduced him to and Dr. Jones begin to share it with everyone that he could and the results were amazing.

Lives were been changed one by one and the word begin to spread as others got results in their health. He begin to share it with whoever would listen about this new found herb that was helping to restore others health issues. He begin to learn about this incredible tree that was voted the plant of the year in 2012 and then again in 2018. He begin to do intense study putting in thousands of hours to learn about the Greatest Plant on the Planet, Moringa Oleifera. He has co-authored 4 books with Mrs. Jones and today, they're spreading the good news of God's Superfood, Moringa Oleifera to the world.

Mrs. Petula Jones, is a specialist when it comes to helping others with skincare and haircare. She knows exactly what to recommend to help with skin problems you may be currently facing. She understands how to help with dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, or combination skin. Her Moringa products are a rare form that's bringing about a change in skincare and haircare. She has discovered the formula that will work for all skin types, and she is an example of the benefits that can happen when her products are used consistently. Her skin is luminous and her hair is natural and she uses her own products. 
If you've tried different things to help rectify your skin problems, give Mrs. Jones Moringa products a try and you'll be glad you did. Her products are free of chemicals and all-things chemical related. Her products are all natural and they contain the essential vitamins and minerals necessary to give your skin that luminous look and your hair that natural flair. 
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